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20th April 2023, Rome/Italy  -  Wishes 1 / 2 / 3

In the name of Peace and Justice.

I have three wishes today, which I present to you in the name of Peace and Justice - in the hope they may be fulfilled.

My first wish for today is the following: With the advent of the Messiah, the long awaited Saviour, religions have become obsolete. Gods have disappeared - they have fulfilled their role, they are no longer needed - Man himself, True Man, True Human, is taking over their role. In this situation, I think it is appropriate to declare an official and formal end to all religions. And I'm now speaking directly to the head of today's largest faith community, the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church. Francis: it's me, Peter. I happen to be the namesake of the very first Christian Pope, Petrus, the rock on which Jesus was to build his church. Thus I can say: Peter, the namesake of Petrus, the first Pope on Earth, greets Francis, the last Pope on earth.

Francis, you and your predecessors did a worthy job over the last two thousand years to spread the Christian message of love and redemption, and to establish moral values of the highest order in this world. Christianity has thus become the pillar of Western civilization, the true source and inspiration of Western culture. With the long awaited return of the Saviour, this historical development is coming to its end. Francis, I want you to have the courage and the insight to recognize this fact. I want you to come forth and publicly declare the end of the Roman Catholic Church. I want you to go even one step further, and to invite the leaders of all the other churches and religions in this world to come together and reach a common agreement - namely, to declare a formal end to all religions, and to dissolve all religious organizations. I know, it's an impossible task. And yet, it has to be done. The time has come to recognize this fact, and to act accordingly, assuming full responsibility of one's role and function in this world. Francis, I wish you all the strength you will need to accomplish this last and most important task in your life.

Such is my first wish for today, which I present to you in the name of Peace and Justice.

Which brings me to my second wish for today. And I'm now speaking to all of humanity, but once again and in particular to Pope Francis. I know that even after the end of religions, many people will still feel the need to be somehow connected, in a very physical way, to the spiritual side of our human existence. How can we satisfy their need? My suggestion, and my wish, is that we build Peace Temples - Temples of Peace - all over the world. Obviously, such Peace Temples won't serve any religious purpose, we surely don't need any new religion. These Peace Temples will serve two very different purposes, on the one hand, as a monument to the past, and on the other hand, as a monument to the future. As a monument to the past, the Peace Temples will function very much as museums, displaying in a very honorable way the nature and the achievements of the great religions of the past, of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism - and all the other ancient religions going back to the roots of human existence. As a monument to the future, the Peace Temples will function as a powerful reminder of the very purpose of our human existence, which is, to create Paradise on Earth. As such, Peace Temples will serve as a place of contemplation, of solace, of inspiration and strength, by combining our common experience of the past and our common aspiration for the future.

My wish is that the very first such Peace Temple shall be built in Jerusalem, on the Temple Mount / Al-Haram al-Sharif. The Jewish people had been promised that their destroyed second temple will be replaced by a third temple at the end of times. So let's make sure this promise is being kept, because the end of times, it's now. The second Jewish temple had been destroyed by the Roman Empire. From a symbolic point of view, I think it would be a beautiful gesture if the most powerful person residing in Rome today, the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church, would offer to build this temple to the Jewish people. It will not be a Jewish temple, it will not be a religious temple, it will be a Temple of Peace for all of humanity.

As to the design of such Peace Temples, let there be an international competition to suggest various ideal designs. Myself I've given it some thought, you can check it out on my personal website, - albeit in German language, under the heading "Friedenstempel". The design I'm suggesting is drawn on the reversal of the atomic bomb, symbol of death and destruction, symbol of the end of the world. Our Peace Temples should symbolize the exact opposite, new life, hope, our expected Paradise on Earth. But, as I said, everybody is free to present their own suggestions.

Such is my second wish for today, which I present to you in the name of Peace and Justice.

Which now, quite naturally, brings me to my third wish for today.

And again I'm speaking to the whole world, and again very specifically to Pope Francis. This surely is a new world. The old word has come to an end, never to return. A new era has begun. It's a turning point in human history as has never occurred in the past and will never again occur in the future. I think it befits this new world to be measured, and honored, within the framework of a New World Calendar. Today, the world over, humans are using a vast number of different calendars, all of them related to some religious or political event that happened in the past. None of them are apt to represent all of humanity in a respectful, dignified, neutral way. The one calendar mostly used worldwide today is the so-called Gregorian calendar, which goes back to the life of the founder of the Christian religion, Jesus Christ. Today, when religions have become obsolete, we surely don't need a religious calendar. I think it would be a wonderful gesture of all-embracing love, if you, Pope Francis, as head of today's largest Christian community, would send a formal request to the appropriate United Nations agency to launch an international competition for the inauguration of a totally new, neutral World Peace Calendar.

As in the case of the Peace Temple, I'm not coming here empty-handed: I've worked out my own suggestion for such new Peace Calendar, and presented it on my homepage (alas, again, in German language), under the heading "Kalender-Reform". May everybody throughout the world feel free to work out their own solution for a new, universal Peace Calendar, which will then guide humanity through the next centuries towards a world of Peace and Justice, to Paradise on Earth.

Such is my third wish for today, which I present to you in the name of Peace and Justice, in the hope it will be fulfilled.

In the name of Peace and Justice, thank you!