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The Saviour


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The Saviour



In July 2020, I published a website called There I wrote:

Hi !

My name is Peter Kasser.

I have received a divine message about the Coming of the Messiah, the long awaited Saviour, the Redeemer.

Some people call him the Messiah, some others call him Jesus, or Mahdi. Still others call him Kalki, or Maitreya, or the True Man. Or they call him by any other name they choose.

By whatever name you call him (and whatever name he might be using himself), he is one and the same. He is the expected Prince of Peace, the Lord of Justice – the one who will bring Peace and Justice to this world.

For the sake of simplicity, here we call him the Messiah.


in Judaism: a savior who will usher in an age of global peace


in Christianity: the return of Christ, who will judge humanity and establish eternal peace on earth


in Islam: a leader who, at the end of times, will rid the world of injustice and establish a global realm of righteousness


in Hinduism: the last incarnation of God Vishnu; he will usher in a Golden Age of peace and harmony


in Buddhism: the last and supreme “Enlightened One”, who will teach humanity the right way of living

True Man

in Taoism: describes the person who has reached full humanhood

The Message

This is the message which I had received from divine sources, about the Coming of the Messiah, the promised Mehdi:

The Messiah is alive. He dwells among us. At a time of his choosing, he will reveal himself to us.

And the message makes it very clear that the Messiah is not coming in the name of any particular religion (in fact, he will declare an end to all religions): he is coming in the name of peace and justice:

The Messiah will come as a Prince of Peace and Lord of Justice in the World. He will judge humanity and each and every one of us in the name of peace and justice. He will weigh our merits and demerits against each other, in favour or to the disadvantage of peace and justice, and then he will pass judgement.

This message lay hidden in me since my earliest days. Over the years it revealed itself to me, became increasingly clear – I had no power to resist it.

I had received this divine message with the mission of communicating it to humanity. This is what I’m doing here and now.



The Date

Nobody knows when the Messiah will make his appearance. It could be today, or tomorrow, or next week, or next month … - anytime.

Nobody knows.

I have a firm promise of the Divinity that had sent me the message about the Coming of the Messiah, that I will personally meet the Messiah, face to face, before the end of my 9-year trip around the world. My trip around the world started in Dakar/Senegal on 20th March 2014, and it will end in Jerusalem on 19th March 2023.

So it will be on 19th March 2023, by the latest, that the Messiah will make his appearance in this world.



Sunday 19th March 2023

Today is Sunday, 19th March 2023. The divine message, which I had received a very long time ago, confirmed that the Saviour was alive, living among us, and that he’ll reveal himself to humanity on a day of his choosing. In addition to this message, I had received a divine promise that I’d meet the Saviour personally, face to face, before the end of my nine-years’ trip around the world. My world trip started on 20th March 2014, and it ends today, 19th March 2023.

So, today is the last moment when the Saviour will make his appearance. 

I’m looking around – and I can see the Saviour. Can you see him? He’s right here, among us. Look around! Look left and right! Look in the mirror!

It’s YOU!

YOU are the Saviour, the promised Messiah, the Mahdi, Jesus, Kalki, Maitreya, The True Man – whatever you call yourself! YOU are the promised Saviour humanity has been waiting for over the past hundreds and thousands of years!

God can’t be wrong. He made a promise – and when God makes a promise, He keeps it. God promised that I would meet the Saviour face to face before the end of my nine-years’ trip around the world. And whom did I meet, day after day, during all of my nine years of traveling? I met YOU, all of humanity, the whole world.

The Saviour is manifesting himself, and the Saviour, that’s YOU!





Today’s manifestation of the Saviour marks the turning point of human history.

The first half of the human history describes the development of human-like creatures, away from the animal kingdom where they originated, towards a state of True Humanhood.

Surely we wouldn’t think of cave dwelling people living in the Stone Age some 100’000 years ago as True Humans: They were people at a very early stage of development, still far away from becoming True Humans.

Similarly we can’t consider people living some 10’000 years ago, in the Neolithic Period, as really representing True Humans. They were still hunters and gatherers, on the verge of learning the art of agriculture. The great religions were still unknown, and the notion of a Saviour unheard of.

What about the people living 1000 years ago? They surely looked and behaved very much like humans, many religions and philosophies had developed, but their understanding of the true nature of the universe was still very basic, witchcraft and superstition were prevalent, scientific and technological breakthroughs still far away. So, even then, humans were not yet True Humans.

It’s only today that people have developed a full sense of universal consciousness, a full understanding of the beginning and the end of all things (including the beginning and the end of our solar system and of life on earth), and a knowledge of an all-encompassing human responsibility for everything that exists in this world, including the climate and nature, all the animals and plants.

Today marks the moment when humans have grown into True Humans. A True Human is somebody who is fully aware of his humanhood, and who is ready to assume full responsibility for it – meaning responsibility not just for himself, but for all of humanity, for the whole universe. When a human becomes True Human, he becomes God. He assumes God’s role.

It is said that the Saviour will appear at the end of times. And it’s true. It’s right now that humanity can decide whether it wants to destroy itself and all life on earth, intentionally and maliciously, or by stupidity and carelessness – or whether it wants to step away from the brink of self-destruction and endeavor to follow a new path towards a better world, to a world of Peace and Justice.

And always remember: YOU are the Saviour! YOU are the one to decide whether the world should self-destruct or move forward towards a better world, to the best of all worlds, towards Paradise on Earth.

And make sure to fully understand that there will be no other Saviour to turn up in some distant future to do the job for you. YOU are the saviour, YOU are in charge. YOU are responsible to establish Peace and Justice in this world, in the whole world, for all of humanity. YOU are the one who has to create Paradise on Earth. There is nobody else to do the job but YOU.

Thus, the second half of the human history will describe the journey of True Man, away from the present state of self-inflicted misery and sin, towards a world of Peace and Justice which we can then call Paradise on Earth.



And this is my Truth:

– We are alone in this world;
– We ourselves are responsible for our life;
– It makes sense to try and live the best of all imaginable lives;
– The best of all imaginable lives takes place in Paradise;
– It makes sense to plan and create Paradise on Earth.



With the advent of the Saviour (the Messiah, Jesus, al Mahdi, Kalki, Maitreya, the True Man, or whatever YOU may call yourself), who is making his appearance in the name of Peace and Justice, not in the name of some religion, religions themselves have become obsolete. In the course of their history, humans across the world had developed and invented all sorts of religious systems and beliefs, religions surely belong to the highest spiritual achievements of humankind. With the advent of the Saviour, God has fulfilled his role, he is no longer needed. God is leaving this world, never to return. ALL Gods – Allah, Brahma, Jehovah, whatever you call him – have fulfilled their role, they’re all leaving, never to return.

True Man doesn’t believe in some god or divinity, or in some kind of afterlife or otherworldly bliss: He believes in Himself and his earthly existence, in his predetermination to establish Peace and Justice in this world, and to create Paradise on Earth.


If Humanity still needs some kind of credo, it will be this:

I believe in Paradise on Earth, and in the human predetermination to create it.