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Hi! My name is Peter Kasser. Welcome to my personal web-site!

This site is dedicated to the cause of peace - and not just any kind of peace but WORLD PEACE.

World peace is a great subject. And a very worthy cause indeed. In fact it is just about the worthiest and most noble endeavour that the human spirit can set out to pursue - and the most rewarding aim that humankind can ever hope to reach. 

Personally I am a very strong believer in world peace. In fact I am a hundred percent sure that humankind will eventually reach such a state that we can then call "world peace". And not only that: I am also sure that such world peace is not very far away: in my opinion world peace is just „round the corner"! 

For the first time in our history we find ourselves in a situation where all the basic problems that oppose peace could easily be overcome within a matter of a few years only. These „basic problems" are not weapons of war, or armies - although they certainly belong to the overall picture of peace - but much more fundamental questions that go to the very heart of our human needs. These are questions like hunger, illiteracy, distribution of wealth, equal opportunities, human rights, child abuse, oppression of all kinds. 

In the past, such problems have been papered over again and again, on a very superficial and „local" basis: They were addressed and „solved", sort of, whenever an urgent need for action was asked for in view of disastrous catastrophes or imminent threat of great violence. 

Today, humankind is ready for an overall solution, on a global scale. 

Obviously, peace won’t simply come about just like that. We all have to work for it in order for peace to happen. It is in this sense that I ask you to view this site: as my modest personal contribution to the human quest for peace. 



Peace Manifesto
Launched in February 1998, this project aimed at giving a more detailed definition of what peace really means. We all know that peace is „more than the absence of war and violence" - but what exactly? 
See the end-result of the general inquiry, at Manifesto
This projected was completed by middle of May 1999. 


Global Peoples Convention
The project, launched in the summer of 1999, was originally meant to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first Global Peoples Convention ever held, in December 1950, in Geneva, Switzerland. This idea was eventually abandoned, however, due to an astounding lack of support from assorted peace activists and peace organizations. 
The page Global Peoples Convention shows the details of the original project, and the vision that stood behind the idea of commemorating the 1950-event, and of launching a new endeavour in the same direction. 
The pertinent question of how the world should be governed in future - as well as the questions of numerical and linguistic representation in such world government - are still of highest interest. 



What’s more on this site? 

Well, if you want to know more about myself, how about checking the page Peter Kasser. It shows you just who I am, where I live, the books I've written - and if you are well-versed in German language you can even read excerpts from my books (yes, they are all written in German!) 

Then, I’ve begun a very nice page with Words of Peace - not too many entries, so far, but still - if ever you come across some nice sayings about peace yourself: how about sending me a message by e-mail? I would appreciate a lot, and see if I can include it on that page! 

And, finally: what’s a web-site without its Links? I have a great collection of peace-related links, both from international institutions, from various international and national organizations, and from individuals. Check them out, and let me know if you have any other suggestions for more links! 

For any comments or suggestions, please contact me by e-mail, at kasserpeter (at)


Thanks for your interest - and now, please, ENJOY! 


Peter Kasser

January 2009




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