Campaign for Universal Peace



A Project


by Peter Kasser, Switzerland





Peace is not a Dream. Peace is a Project.






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Peace Manifesto: Introduction

In late summer 1997 I was thinking about "peace", in very general terms, and while admitting that it be wonderful if peace reigned the world over, I was nevertheless wondering: What is peace, really?

I started to search for answers - in books, in the internet: What was the definition of peace?

There was no answer. Or, rather: everybody seemed to have a different idea of what peace was. The most unoriginal ones would simply state that peace was the description of a society where there was neither war nor social unrest.

This was not the kind of answer I was looking for.

So I decided to put the question "WHAT IS PEACE?" directly to the general public. I created this web-site (on 5th November 1997), presented my case, waited for people to send me there inputs, arranged those inputs in such a way as to form coherent topics - and thus the Peace Manifesto came into being!

On the following three pages you see the original presentation of the project, the rules that were set out to contribute to the manifesto, and the final version of the Manifesto itself (the manifesto, in its present version, was completed in May 1999).

To all of you who have contributed to the writing of the manifesto, may I herewith extend my warmest thanks!

May peace be with us eternally!


Yours in peace,

Peter Kasser


Switzerland, 27th February 2001






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